~A Note about Lisa’s Metal Iris~

In the Spring of the 2011 Fire Season, I found myself waiting around in the Bonito Fire District for wild land fire calls. I started experimenting in Carl’s metal shop with discarded pieces of metal to pass the time. Soon, metal Angels emerged from the rusty metal, Then, a close friend asked me to create a gate for her patio. So, with Carl’s help a gate was created. In the design of the gate were some blooming Iris flowers.  My friend wanted the Iris to be three dimensional.  I had made three dimensional flowers out of Gum Paste, (a form of sugar art ) for many years , while I was in the cake business. Soon, I’m learning how to use Carl’s cutting torch, plasma cutter and welder!!! After struggling with heating the metal with Carl’s cutting torch, Carl suggested that I learn to use his antique 1800’s model blacksmithing hand crank forge! So, a new way to create the Iris came along. It wasn’t long before Carl had me in Blacksmithing classes and Carl was building new and improved forges for me to use.

Each Iris is hand made from metal that has been forge heated and hammered into the desired shape. The base is a rock that I found somewhere along my daily spiritual walks. I hope you enjoy this rough creation as much as I enjoyed creating it.

The tips of the leaves are quite sharp, I recommend the piece be placed in an area that will be safe for small children and/or grown ups to not get injured. To clean it, a damp cloth or spraying with high pressure air will keep it nice and shiny.




For a custom designed original, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.  For more information please contact Lisa.

Pricing starts at $375.00