Wildfire Art

by Lisa Bartley

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"Little Bear Fire"

16" x 20" - Open Edition $100.00


Bonito Fire and The Little Bear Fire

 I joined Bonito Fire in 2000 to be able to help fight wild land fires.  We live in the midst of many historic fires, The Cree fire, The Kokopelli fire,  The Rancho fire, The Peppin Fire, The Little Bear fire,  just to name a few in our back yard.

 Little did I know that the next 12 + years would be filled with structure fires, vehicle extrications, E.M.T. calls, (for the past 5 years I have been an E.M.T. Basic.) plane crashes, high angle rescues, searches for lost folks in the White Mountain Wilderness and training after training!  Pack test after pack test and refresher after refresher. I have made friends for a life time in Bonito Fire. I have offered prayers with folks and held their hands as they have taken their final walk “home” as a first responder.

My role on the Little Bear Fire was to be an Engine Boss and a leader.  To get our forces on the line to “mop-up”.  My husband, Carl, fire Chief  for Bonito fire, and I were in Seattle, WA when the fire made its run on Friday, June 8, 2012.   We drove 24 hours straight to get back to our district to assist our fabulous firefighters that had been fighting  fire on initial attack for 30+ hours.  When we arrived, the huge flame front had already passed through our district.  We went to work helping our Bonito Fire fighters as well as the others to mop-up around every structure to insure that it would be there when the smoke and ash had cleared.  Through our actions, many homes were saved.  We put our “Signature” on every structure that we were able to get to.

I am sure that our Bonito Fire fighters have no idea how proud I am of them for how they came together as a group of fire fighters, a family, to fight the Little Bear Fire.  We had  firefighters that lost  everything  they owned and were still doing their part to aid in the battle on the Little bear Fire.